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The Conservatory is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 to 19.30


All Offices are open from Monday to Saturday from 11 to 13.

Academic Year 2010-11


Welcome to Vivaldi Conservatory of Alessandria

Established at the end of XIXth century as “Liceo Musicale” of the Municipality, in 1969 it became one of the first new Italian State Conservatories. It is placed in the XVIIIth century “Cuttica di Cassine” building.

Actually the Conservatory has around 800 students and 100 teachers divided in the various Instruments chairs (Harp, Guitar, Harpsicord, Organ, Piano, Wind Instruments, String Instruments, Percussion Instruments), Singing, Choir and Composition, the complementary subjects and collective practical lessons.

Nearby the Ordinamental Courses and the Basic Education Courses are activated also the Post Degree Courses of Harpsicord, Jazz Music and Electronic Music.

The “Vivaldi” Conservatory has activated also University Degree divided in I and II level with three big areas: performance, composition and didactics. There are also specific courses on specific areas as Music Therapy and Music Criticism.

Propaedeutical Courses and a five-year Laboratory – Evening classes for adult people are also activated. A part from didactics activities and institutional productions, every year the “Vivaldi” Conservatory plans from 70 to 90 manifestations like concerts, theatre events, masterclasses.

The principal creations are:
Intorno al ‘900: Concerts/lessons on modern and contemporary repertoire.
I Mercoledì del Conservatorio: Annual thematic cycle of concerts.
Entriamo nella Casa della Musica: Shows for students of primary schools.
Scatola Sonora: International Festival of small scale Opera and Music Theatre.

Every two years the “Vivaldi” promotes the National Contest “Werther - Emilio Benzi” for young talents of double-bass.

Since the academic year 2007/2008 our Conservatory has been collaborating with the Program LLP Erasmus. Thanks to that every year students and teachers have the chance to make didactical and educational experiences in the Countries of European Union!