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Music Ensembles


Conductor: M° Marco Berrini

Vocal ensemble founded in 1955 by Marco Berrini, teacher of Choral Practice of Conservatory “A. Vivaldi”.
The chamber choir of Conservatory “A. Vivaldi” received the second prize at V edition of Marengo Musica Contest in June 1997 and the first, second and third prize of International Music Contest of Tortona (Al). In April 1999 the chamber choir was invited in Paris for a series of concerts. In April 2001 the Chamber Choir made a tour with Orquestra de Jovens do Concelho de Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal) performing a programme for soloists, choir and orchestra in various italian and portuguese cities.
They took part at the recording of a Cd dedicated to young italian composers with the piece Prayer by Roberto Beltrami; in 1999 recorded a Cd for Sarx Records dedicated to sacred music of Lorenzo Perosi in collaboration with Ars Cantica Choir of Milano, and one Cd dedicated to the music of Benjamin Britten, Ariel Ramirez and compositions of Federico Ermirio and Roberto Beltrami unpublished and recorded for the first time; then they recorded in 2006 a Cd of living composers for F.E.N.I.A.R.C.O. (National Federation of Choir Association), distributed to all the italian choir with the book of the scores (“Teenc@anta”).
They are now studying for a recording session with the accordion jazz player Gianni Coscia for the prestigious international label ECM.
It’s directed from the beginning by Marco Berrini.
Paola Cervi (graduated student) Monica Elias (graduated student) Alessandra Mussa (graduated student) Marta Guassardo (graduated student) Angelica Lapadula (graduated student)Marta Leung Chung (graduated student)
Elisa Accornero (graduated student) Veronica Fasanelli (graduated student) Costanza Mondo (graduated student) Fabiana Franco (student) Eleonora Rasetto student) Barbara Nervi (student)
Chris Iuliano (studene) Claudio Marocco (student) Alessandro Urbano (graduated student) Fulvio Zanella (graduated student)
Luca Cavallo (graduated student) Alberto Do (graduated student) Victor Andrini (student) Simone Buffa (student) Kielar Filip (professor at University of Alessandria).

Conductor: M° Roberto Berzero

The children’s choir of the Music Academy “A Vivaldi” was born in 2005 with the aim of supporting solmization classes and giving importance to vocal education as a fundamental means for a musician’s growth; since its beginning it has been directed by maestro Roberto Benzero, teacher of Choir Music and Direction in the same Academy.
The Choir has already taken part in important events such as the “L’assemblea dei ragazzi” for soloists, choirs and orchestra by J.A. Amargos- T. Rumbau, which performed first at the municipal theatre in Alessandria and later at the Auditorium del Lingotto in Turin.
In May 2006, the same group took part in the commemoration of Dr. Falcone in Palermo. During 2007 the choir performed in Alessandria both at the Parvum theatre and at the municipal theatre.
In the summer 2007, a group of teenagers, again prepared by maestro Berzero, played in the lyrical opera “ The Chimney-Sweep” by Benjamin Britten at the European Mittelfest in Cividale, Friuli.
In January 2008, the choir won the 1st prize (cat. Children’s Choir) in the National Competition “F. Mendelssohn” in Alassio (SV) – Italy.

Conductor: M° Paolo Ferrara

Conductor: M° Luigi Bonafede