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cv italiano


Roberto Tagliamacco born in Genoa in the 1959 graduated in pianoforte and composition at the Conservatory "N.Paganini". He gave concerts both as a solista and as a chamber musician; he has been carrying out an intense activity both as a maestro and as a composer. (Milano, Urbino , Rovigo , Genova, Padova, Pisa, Novara, Livorno, .......) The "Joke" quintet was the third prize winner in the International Composition Prize "E.Porrino" in 1992. As well as in the International Music Competition "Citta di Pavia" with the composition "Triplum" for string orch.(1996) ; In the same year 2° the Prize in the I Competition of Composition "Franco Margola" with "Trio II for violino, violoncello and pianoforte". Special mention in the Competition "One new music for Giubileo 2000" with the composition "Agnus Dei" for chorus a cappella . 3° Prize winner in the Composition for guitar "Citta di Clusone" 2001. 2° the Prize in the Composition Prize Tonelli 2002 of Brescia with the composition "Ascendit Deus" for chorus a cappella . The composition “Intabulatura III per organo was played to the festival “Genova 2004 capitale europea della cultura” Since 1999 he has been teaching at the Conservatory "Vivaldi" in Alessandria and he has collaborated with the "Centro studi Arcipelgo musica" of Milano He besides has published for editrice Berben and Eufonia; Edizione Sinfon ica ann Urania Editions of Genoa